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We sorry for the long delay but the server will be up again!

PD: Remember click on Autoupdate.exe again.

- [GM]Team

Server Update: 07-24-13

AdminINTL a posted Jul 24, 13
New Accessories "Sweets" now available in gamecp!

Server Update: 07/20/2013

[GM]Aduka a posted Jul 20, 13
Updated 07/20/2013
We have made some minor changes to the server, which are:

-Dragon Armor fixed
-Relic weapons fixed
-Gold weapons fixed
-Archon weapons fixed
-Archon armor fixed
-Rings and amuletx fixed
-Cloaks fixed
-Guild leader armor fixed

Note: The remaining donation items, will be given this monday 22 GMT -4, tuesday 23 for GMT +8 , this is because we need some time to complete of testing most of the item, and make some fix.

This change was made after the server restart.

Best regards: [GM]Team.
The server is back ONLINE, we apologize to everyone for the happening, as we said this will be the final wipe, we will work for this kind of thing do not happen again. As we say: For those people who will continue to support, we are giving away 250 GamePoint to be used in our GameCP system in everything you need. More events boss to level up, our apology and we hope at least to see most people again.

Note: The account are the same.


meajhane wow nice event there. can i have gamepoint too? please admins,. thanks.. USERNAME: meajhane
FrixteR So I can already start PVPing with other races
FrixteR Admin can i have my Free 250 GP??

SERVER IS UP! (07-16-13)

[GM]Aduka a posted Jul 16, 13

Make sure you click on AutoUpdate.exe first before you click on the launcher.

Enjoy and Have Fun.
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